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Matthew grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He is a Singer, Dancer, and Actor based in New York City. He is a proud graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University and so excited to be pursuing his passion in the big city.

Matthew grew up with an abundance of activities fighting for time in his schedule. He used to spend most of it in academics and sports until he was introduced to the stage. With a little push from family and friends, he hasn't looked back. Allowing himself to follow in his passion was one of the best decisions Matthew ever made. He has grown to love not only stage acting but camera acting as well. He hopes to bring a little joy to the world telling human stories and sharing different perspectives. 


When he is not performing, he enjoys long walks in the park, rating his never ending list of films, spending time with his loved ones, and especially putting together yearly music videos with his family (check it out in the highlights page).

Please enjoy looking through Matthew's website, and feel free to contact him with any questions and comments!

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